Q: What is Okavana Laboratories?

A: Okavana Laboratories is a company with a passion for hair.  We know the science of hair, speak the language of hair and want to help others achieve their best hair possible. Okavana Laboratories was established by leading dermatologists, hair specialists, biomedical scientists and chemists. 

Q: Where is Okavana Laboratories based?

A: Okavana Laboratories is based in Toronto, Canada.



Q: How do I contact someone from Okavana Laboratories?


A: Please contact Okavana Laboratories through our Contact Us page

Q. I have questions about my own hair loss. Can someone from Okavana Laboratories help provide me with answers?

A.  Physicians at Okavana Laboratories are not able to offer specific medical or treatment advice at the present time. You way wish to see your dermatologist for specific guidance. From time to time we will offer general hair care advice and hair loss tips on our Okavana site. If there are specific topics you'd like to see discussed on our site, feel free to contact us.