At Okavana Laboratories, we think about hair a bit differently. Our research is devoted to three core areas:


Research Focus 1:

Molecular and Genetic Aspects of Hair Loss.

Okavana scientists are interested in understanding the fundamental processes that regulate hair growth and how these process change during the course of hair loss. We are interested in understanding the impact, not only of genetics but also environmental factors such as diet, stress, UV radiation and a variety of chemical exposures on the course of hair loss. A deeper understanding the processes that regulate hair growth will enable us to improve options for blocking or reversing hair loss.  


Research Focus 2:

Chemistry of Hair

Everyone can recognize the shine, softness and radiance of healthy hair. At Okavana, our scientists endeavor to enhance the understanding of the physical properties of hair and factors that enhance the maintenance of healthy hair. Our scientists conduct research on several aspects of hair chemistry including:

  • Structure and function of the cuticle
  • Hair weathering and hair damage
  • Maintenance of hair fiber curl and straightening
  • The chemistry of hair coloring and the biology of hair greying


Research Focus 3:

Design of New Products

One of the goals of our dedicated research program at Okavana Laboratories is to bring effective and safe products to you and your family.  We are conscious about the safety of the chemical ingredients in our products and focus on products that have been rigorously evaluated by our extended teams of scientists.  

Our scientists are interested in range of plant-based extracts from around the world.  We are also conscious about the environmental impact of formulations and strive to be a leader within the cosmetic industry’s “go green” movement.