Top 10 Hair Care Myths


Myth 1: Trimming hair makes it grow faster

Truth:  Hair grows about 1 cm per month.  It grows from the root deep under the scalp and the result of growth is the production of a strand of hair made of keratin. Keratin is non-living and cutting this non-living material doesn’t impact on the machinery controlling hair growth deep under then scalp.



Myth 2: Massaging the scalp is good for the scalp and stimulates hair growth

Truth: Massaging the scalp feels good but does not improve hair health and does not improve hair growth. Devices that seek to improve blood blow to the scalp do not have an effect on hair growth.


Myth 3: Changing your shampoo prevents shampoo resistance 

Truth:   Finding a shampoo you love is the most important goal. Shampoos do not need to be changed frequently. Hair does not develop resistance to shampoos!


Myth 4: Rinsing the hair at the end of a shower with cold water will help leave it shiny  

Truth: Rinsing with cool water does not promote sealing and protection of the cuticle any more effectively than lukewarm water 


Myth 5: Conditioners are essential to repair split ends 

Truth:  The only effective way deal with split ends is to cut them off. Conditioners help protect the cuticle and can help hair look healthier.


Myth 6: Oily hair does not need to be conditioned 

Truth: Conditioners are important for every hair type, even those with oily hair. It’s important to be aware that shampoos are designed to cleanse the scalp and conditioners are designed to protect the hair cuticle. Generally, most people benefit from conditioning the ends of the hair much more than then first few inches closer to the scalp.


Myth 7: It’s possible to have shinier hair by brushing it at least 100 times 

Truth:  The less hair is manipulated the better. Plain and simple. Excessive brushing can lead to damage.  Of course, it's usually not practical to leave the hair untouched as we all need to brush, style, comb and alter our hair. However,  there there is no doubt that all of these processes cause small amounts of damage to the hair fiber's cuticle. The cuticle is arranged like layers of shingles on a roof. When these layers are flat and perfecto overlapping the result is shiny luxurious hair. Excessive brushing, heat, and chemical damage this layer. 

Myth 8: Shaving hair makes if grow back darker and coarser

Truth: Shaving hair won’t cause hair to grow back darker and won’t cause it to grow back coarser. 


Myth 9: Plucking out a grey hair will cause three to come back

Truth: Plucking grey hairs doesn’t promote further grey hairs. However, repeat plucking of hairs can lead to bleeding in the scalp and rarely promote scar formation and permanent hair loss.


Myth 10: Washing hair too often is harmful

Truth: Provided a conditioner is used, it is generally not detrminental to wash hair frequently, even daily.  Frequent washing of the hair will not accelerate hair loss.