Top 10 Hair Loss Myths



Myth 1: Hats cause hair loss


Truth:    Hats do not cause hair loss. Individuals with hair loss may wear hats to cover-up their areas of hair loss, but hats do not cause hair loss.




Myth 2: Hair loss occurs from clogged pores

Truth:   Hair loss does not occur from clogged pores. 



Myth 3: Hair loss results from decreased blood flow to the scalp 

Truth:  Hair loss does not result from decreased blood flow. You can increase blood flow to the scalp as much as possible and hair growth will not occur.




Myth 4: Massaging the scalp stimulates hair growth 

Truth:   Massaging the scalp may feel good, but does not stimulate hair growth.




Myth 5: Washing often causes hair loss 

Truth:   Washing the scalp does not cause hair loss. Individuals with hair loss commonly reduce the frequency of washing out of fear it is causing hair loss. However, washing does not cause hair loss.


Myth 6: Genetic hair loss comes from mom’s side. 

Truth:  The genes controlling genetic hair loss come from both mom’s side and dad’s side




Myth 7: Wigs cause hair loss because the scalp can’t get oxygen. 

Truth:  The scalp gets its oxygen from blood vessels deep under the scalp not from the air. It’s true that wigs can cause hair loss if clips , pins or adhesives used to attach the wig to the scalp pull on existing hair. Otherwise, wigs don’t cause hair loss.



Myth 8: Genetic hair loss doesn’t affect women until later in life 

Truth:  10 % of women in their 20s are affected by genetic hair loss and 20-25 % of women are affected by age 40.  Genetic loss affects young women.



Myth 9: Hair dyes cause hair loss

Truth:  Hair dyes can sometimes damage the hair fiber but it is not a common cause of hair loss.


Myth 10: Dandruff is an important cause of hair loss 

Truth:  Dandruff does not usually cause hair loss.